Power flushing can be a very effective method of restoring your central heating system to an almost new condition.
Over time, Iron Oxide and black sludge can accumulate throughout the Boiler and each radiator in the household.
By adding Our KAMCO Power flushing machine to your central heating system, we can blast away the debris and sludge to clean and restore the system.

Added benefits:

  • Quieter operation of Boiler and Pump
  • Boiler Heat Exchanger is cleaned thoroughly meaning more efficient operation.
  • Radiator valves are cleaned and restored.
  • Boiler can work less hard and achieve desired temperature more quickly.
  • Radiators are cleaned to achieve a more thorough heat output.
  • Gas bills can arguably be reduced over time.

Ockley only use the best products and equipment available when Power Flushing. This ensures value for money and also a thorough process completed in your home.
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